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Luigi Manca was born and raised in a small town in the province of Salento and he is not a son of art.
Curious and free spirit, right after graduation he moved to Florence to pursue his studies in Law, however they did not suite to his personality and predisposition.
In Florence he begins to approach the art of photography, an unusual photography for the period, blurry, overexposed, in motion, his personal way of seeing the reality, to interpret the subject in front of him.
Florence begins to keep up close, so, without a precise program, lonely, adventure lover, in 1985 he leaves Italy.
Athens, Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčLondon, Paris, Istanbul, Amsterdam, New York, Berlin, 25 years of migrations. At that time, all those Cities were very different, not yet flattened by globalization and able to express and form, each in his own way, his personality.
Strong esthete, he worked for many years in the care of the image and without ever losing sight of that art world and artists to which he was so particularly attracted.

Artist?, Creative?, Visionary?, cannot and do not want to be defined "I am Luigi", ".... “my name is Luigi" he says and continues to photograph and collect forms, remains useless, abandoned, to turn them into speakers pieces, because he is a lover of the little and the beautiful, he is a lover of the beautiful, with the little!
He exhibits in Berlin, London, Paris, in various collective Photo exhibition, but the time and the work does not allow him to deepen.
Seven years ago put aside his travelling and go back to his native land where feels the need to give life to that part of him, a little 'overlooked, to express his feelings and his emotions and transmit them with his technique to all those people who want to seize them.
It is a particularly technique, totally original, which takes its roots and his point of wieau of seeing things in a contemporary way.
His works are made of paper, its colors are papers, his hands are the brushes, …. his eyes do the rest!